Shades of Pink

Good Morning fabulous people!!! Happy Wednesday!! I pray all is well with you!! Today’s outfit is a bit of a throwback, but I definitely had to share it with you all! NO time to waist! Let’s get into this look, ya’ll!!! Can you say summer fun?? All pink everything!!! If you know me, you knooooow … More Shades of Pink

Paris in Georgia

Hello my fabulous people!! Welcome back to my blog! I’m SO excited to have you here with me! Today’s outfit is Paris inspired and to be quite honest, it was completely unplanned! The key accessory I wanted to wear was the beret and it all blossomed from there. Ya’ll I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this look!!!! With my … More Paris in Georgia

All Wrapped Up!

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle! Today’s look is quite unique! Hopefully, once you find out why, you will be inspired to try something just as unconventional! Well, why wait any longer? The uniqueness of the outfit lies within the skirt. Do you like what you see? Well, it isn’t a skirt, … More All Wrapped Up!

A Blissful Sunday

Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle! Today we’re talking about money color! What exactly is it? Money color is a term I like to use to define the hue that best extenuates your natural hair color, eye color, but mostly skin color. For example, your favorite color may be red, but your money color is … More A Blissful Sunday

Saturday Sassin’

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back to my blog! I pray all is well. Today’s outfit was unplanned, but quickly became a favorite. I had planned on wearing the yellow version of my pink off the shoulder maxi dress, but the weather showed scattered storms and I didn’t want the bottom of my dress soaked! My … More Saturday Sassin’