The Importance of Self-Esteem!


Self esteem? I thought this blog was about fashion!!

This blog is mainly about fashion, but before we clothe the outside, we must deal with the inside. We must first be happy with ourselves. I like to say that what a person wears describes how they feel in that moment. If you know me personally, then you know that I am usually pretty well put together, hair done and strutting with 4-5 inch heels on. Well, they are many times when I walk out of the house with sweatpants, sandals, and my teeny, weeny, afro! Yes, it is true, but the only difference is my clothes. The attitude is still the same. As my high school JV cheerleading coach would say, “I look good in anything I wear, even a paper bag!” The reason my outfits stand out and people notice is because of the confidence that was deeply rooted in me as a child. So, no matter where I am, what I am doing, or how I am dressed, I’m good.  If we do not know ourselves or even don’t like ourselves, what we wear won’t matter!


Well, how do I become confident in myself?

Good Question! Healthy self esteem isn’t going to happen overnight, it takes time.

Start with asking yourself these questions:

1). Who am I?

2). What is my purpose in life?

3). What  are my strengths?

4). What are my weaknesses?

5). What can I do to make my life better?

Don’t rush with these questions, take as long as you need.


Healthy self-esteem is a part  of our foundation. So no matter the weather, we won’t be destroyed during the storm. Once we are truly happy with ourselves we will no longer need validation from others. When people talk about us, and they always will, it may hurt for a second, but it will roll off our shoulders. We will be able to love others sincerely and we won’t be afraid to be alone. As a matter of fact, being alone is a blessing! Was there ever a time when all you had was peace and quiet? OH YES JESUS! Talk to God! Get to know him!

Anyway, I pray these few words of mine helped someone realize who they are and love themselves unconditionally!

Peace & Love

Allyssa K. Blair

(You should really try the being alone thing!)




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