4c Natural Hair Wash Day!

YES! Wash DAY! An entire day! From shampooing and deep conditioning to detangling and moisturizing, washing my 4C natural hair is an all day process. Let’s jump right in!

The process begins the night before by taking down whatever style I have and finger separating my
img_0089-2hair into six individual twists. The reason for parting my hair into twists is so when I use the shampoo, it will go directly to the
scalp instead of starting on top of my hair and eventually finding its way to my dirty scalp. This day my hair was already in individual twists, so I kept it that way.

The next morning I gather all my products and head to the shower.

While showering, I completely soak my hair in the warm/hot water img_0121-2

from scalp to end. After that, I turn off the water and shampoo!


I use ONE full pump of Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla shampoo. I rub it in my hands, and apply it to the scalp by massaging with my fingertips, paying special attention to the parts. Once it lathers, I untwist my hair and apply the shampoo to my hair strands with a gentle pulling motion. Similar to finger detangling. I use this method instead of rubbing or scratching because:

1). I do not want to tangle the hair

2). I do not want to add any stress to the hair or scalp (especially when wet)

3). I want to keep the hair stretched and elongated


Along with cleansing the hair, this product specializes in moisturizing the hair and adding a beautiful healthy shine. It works! This is the ONLY shampoo I use. I have dandruff that loves to make an appearance every week! This is the only shampoo (that I know of) that cleans my hair and scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. It works wonders!

After shampooing, I rinse my hair completely and move on to deep conditioning!


To deep condition I finger part my hair into the six sections again.

I use ONE medium sized scoop of Eden Body img_0146-2Works Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner and apply it to one the sections. At this time I also finger detangle each section by gently running my fingers through the hair and carefully pulling apart all knots and tangles.

This process always takes a while. After detangling that section I individually twist my hair again and continue the same for the remaining five sections. Once I’m done with that, I take a little more conditioner and add it to the parts of my hair.


Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner works the best for my 4c hair! I have been using this product for years(as you can see I am running out) Talk about defining a curl?! Honey! And I don’t even have curls, I have kinks and coils. This product brings life to my hair and a little bit goes a long way! After using it, my hair bounces, flows, and stays defined as long as I need I to! I absolutely love it!

When finished applying the conditioner, I put a plastic cap on and let it sit. What makes deep conditioning ‘deep’ isIMG_0176 (2).JPG adding heat. People usually sit under a dryer for about 30 minutes to an hour. Another way to add heat is by heating up the conditioner before applying it and letting it sit for about an hour. I deep condition my hair by letting it sit for three to four hours. Why so long? The heat generated from my head will warm up the product and work the same way. While its sitting I doing other things around the house and I need to go out for a minute I put on a stylish head wrap and keep it moving. No one ever knows 😉

After the conditioner has set, it is time to wash it out! I usually do this at a sink. As I’m rinsing my hair, I also take a part the six twists. After rinsing, depending on the style I am going to do, I usually add a natural moisturizer and let my hair air dry. And there you have it! Fresh, clean hair!

Thanks for stopping by again! Peace & Love!

Allyssa K. Blair

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