Olive Green & Leopard, Please!

Hello fabulous! Welcome back.

Summer is over and fall is in session! Unfortunately, that means less open toe shoes and more closed. Nevertheless, in true Allyssa fashion, I am determined to wear some of my favorite summer shoes while the sun is still out. Even if it is just a little bit! Some might call it crazy because I am cold natured, but I have it down to a science. The key to wearing summer shoes in the fall is covering up the rest of  my body.


Knowing my feet might be cold for a long period of time, I will usually wear bottoms that cover my legs from hip to ankle. Today I choose olive green slouch pants with a belt that ties on the side. I got them from Forever in Florida about 3 years ago. Fashionable and warm!



Long sleeve tops are not completely necessary, but a light jacket is. I chose this burgundy, quarter length, knit cardigan just to throw over my shoulders. It is my absolute go-to ‘jacket’ because I can’t stand wearing jackets! How dare I ruin my outfit just because its cold! Which its partly why I started Creative Crochet, but that’s a different story! This simple, black, short sleeve, v-neck shirt works perfectly and does not take away from the busyness of the pants or shoes. Speaking of shoes…


BOOM! YES! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I love these shoes. They are casual, yet edgy and have a whole lot of sass! These babies are 2 years old from Gojane.com. They are very comfortable with a 3in heel and 2 1/2 in platform. The ridges on the bottom are my favorite. Sadly, they are no longer for sale, but gladly, leopard print can be found anywhere! Yay!

For accessories I chose large pearl earrings (as usual), and a colorful Dooney&Bourke wristlet.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Peace & Love!

Allyssa K. Blair


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