Leather Weather

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back! Fall is in session, which means leather is on my hanger. I have been waiting for the coldness to interrupt my life, so all my leather goodies could breathe again. FAUX LEATHER!!! Whether it is a jacket, a skirt, leggings, on a shoe or one of many accessories, leather is and will always be the perfect fall/winter addition to any closet. Can you feel my excitement??  Well, let’s get into this look!



The shirt i’m wearing is a blue & white pinstripe button-up, with quarter length sleeves and a mid-length V-neck from H&M. Because of my long and slender torso, it was always extremely hard to find a nice button down that fit me well. I had to buy an extra large because my arms were so long, but then the shirt would be too big. How did I pull that off? With wide belts at the waist! It gave me sort of a peplum look and the illusion of hips lol For the past two years i’ve been wearing the same style shirts from H&M and they fit me like a DREAM! Thank you Jesus! No more extra large shirts!



Now for the main attraction! This skirt! This skirt! The only downside is that I do not remember where I got it from because I have had it for so long. I believe since high school! I want to say it was a hidden gem waiting for me in TJMaxx. Wherever it is from, it is with me now and i’m never letting go! Honestly, I hated this skirt when I first tried it on because it was too big, but still so beautiful. Thank God for my mother. She knew I would grow into it one day and she was right! It isn’t tight like a bandage skirt, but it isn’t too loose either. It has no stretch, because its leather, but it does have a zipper in the back. It also has a  nice little split in the back, which makes these long-legged strides easier.

Like the scarf? Its Creative Crochet! Handmade by yours truly. Check out my Etsy shop for other goodies like this here! I choose to accessorize with this specific scarf because the color is vibrant enough to catch the eye, but simple enough not to take away from the outfit. Never want it to look busy. It was also functional since the wind was blowing that day.

To complete this look I added faux, black rimmed glasses {Claire’s}, black, 4in, single soled, pointed toes shoes with two faux leather ankle straps {Justfab}, and 3 medium size, white pearl bracelets with the matching earrings! I love pearls!

One of the things I love most about this look is the versatility of it. Class in the shirt and edge in the skirt. You could go anywhere in it! Casual day, work, or even out with the girls! Hope this helps or inspires someone!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair

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