Little things that make me smile.

Hello fabulous people! Thanks for coming back! Here is a little something that warmed my heart today.

So, today at work, I was greeting people and ‘pushing’ out new goodies on to the floor. As a greeter, I am supposed to stay in a certain section of the store and make sure things run smoothly. A greeter also asks the customer if they are looking for anything specific, if they need any help, and share promotions & things like that to engage with them.

Now, usually, I get two kinds of people, customers who are “just looking” and don’t need my help or customers who know exactly what they want and don’t need my help. But today, my brothers and sisters! Oh, today! A lady in her early 40’s came in and I greeted her as usual. She seemed very put together and her outfit was on point! With that being said, I expected her to say “I know what I want/no, I don’t need assistance”. Well, she didn’t! This lovely lady told me she had a party to go to and needed accessories! But it did not stop there! Oh No! She pulled out a pair of shoes *falls out* Yes! A beautiful pair of pumps that she wanted the jewelry to match.

I wish I could explain the feeling that went through my body. My heart was beating faster by the second, my eyes were swelling with tears of joy and my fingers were itching to throw anything with a diamond on it in her hands! On top of that, she loved my style and what I had on, so she left all decisions up to me. The joy I felt can NOT be explained! A diamond choker, teardrop diamond earrings, a diamond clutch, diamond bracelet and a pearl and diamond necklace set with the matching earrings! (a girl needs options!) Absolutely gorg!

After I rung her up and she went on her merry way, I thought to myself I would LOVE to do this forever! But why? Was it the style/fashion aspect that I loved so much? Was it helping someone in need? Was is the rare occasion of styling someone?  Or was it the happiness and relief on my customer’s face when she got what she wanted, but didn’t have to do anything that warmed my heart? I honestly don’t know, maybe it was all those reasons . What I do know is that God has given me a distinct eye for creativity, no matter what area it is in. Like all of my other creative ventures, it takes pace, practice and passion. I thank God for giving me a way to help people and be a light to them while doing something I love. Also, thank you to all of those who asked and allowed me to style/dress you over the years. I feel sort of professional now! Still chasing my dreams! Unifying life & style!


Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


2 thoughts on “Little things that make me smile.

  1. Ohhhh. Awwwww. A warm ever so gentle and slow streaming tear is rolling off my high cheek bone and landing softly onto my shirt. When I think of the goodness of the Lord and all he ha s done, is doing, and is going to d o my heart sings…… Hallelujah… To God be the Glory! Chase after Him – my desrest Allyssa. Thanks for all of your tips even when it seemed I was rejecting it. 🙂

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