School Girl Chic

Hello fabulous people! Thanks for coming back! Today’s look is something a little different, I call it ‘School Girl Chic.’ Not in a naughty, sexual, trying to relive the old days way, but more so putting a grown woman flare to a classic look! Anyway, enough explanation, let’s get into this look!

This lovely one piece is a grey, sleeveless dress that falls right at the knee. It has somewhat of a flare at the bottom which reminds me of the pleats in an actual ‘school girl’ dress or skirt. This dress is made of a knit material which makes it perfect for the fall/winter weather. I bought this dress from Charming Charlie in December for around $30.00. This piece could also be worn in the spring. Just add some colorful wedge heels, statement jewelry and an eye catching handbag!


This shirt is one of my favorites! I do not know what it is about a crisp, white collar shirt, but I LOVE IT!!! It looks so fresh & clean. This type of shirt should also be a staple item in EVERYONE’S closet! It can be worn so many ways. I picked this spiffy shirt up at H&M during the summer of 2016 for about $24.00.

Now, for these shoes! I love a good knee high boot! These black knee high boots are my favorite pair, hands down. Why? Well, you may have noticed that I am not the thickest slice of bacon in the pack, but I do have long, narrow feet. Because of this, the calf area on my knee high boots are quite large and they droop from time to time. But, these 3.45 inch, Nine West beauties fit perfectly around my leg! They were a gift to me from my sister in high school and i’ll keep them forever!


The silver, chunky bracelet was a new gift. It was a tad itchy, but still cute. This piece around my neck is a little more special to me because it was made with my own two hands. It is a ‘Knot’ scarf from Creative Crochet. I paired it with this ensemble because i knew the purple and blue would really POP against the grey knit dress. Want to see more products from Creative Crochet? Go to my home page and click on the pink link!

Try something new this week. Whether its a handbag, a lipstick, or a different hairstyle.

 Thanks again for stopping by!


Peace & Love,

Allyssa K. Blair


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