New Neck Tie!

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle.

Today I’m sharing a new found favorite of mine… neck ties! So simple, I know, but they are also versatile. I was inspired to visit this accessory by the recent passing of the late Mary Tyler Moore. She either had excellent style or a great stylist. One day while cleaning up the clearance section in my store, a cute black and white pattern caught my eye. I thought it was a regular scarf, but to my surprise it was a neck tie! For $1.99! Needless to say, I bought it and these are my first two styles. Enjoy!

The first outfit I paired the neck tie with was a black long sleeve turtle neck and grey pleated palazzo pants. The great thing about this outfit is that these pants are from a thrift store! Yes, a thrift store. One would never know. Since it was a tad chilly outside, I opted for my black, block heels with a ball of fur on the front. Cute, ya think?

The second outfit I chose to pair my neck tie with is a little more unique. Of course I have a leather skirt, this one is black, pleated and a-line. Since the rest of the ensemble is busy, a simple white shirt was the perfect top. When I tried on the black, pointed toe heels, it seemed to be missing something. So, since I already somewhat looked like a school girl, I added a pair of my father’s black dress socks! Hilarious, well, at least I thought it was. Always gotta be different lol

Try to mix a trend from back in day into a modern look this week!

Thanks again for joining me you guys. Have an awesome day!

Peace & Love,

Allyssa K. Blair


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