Original Olive Overalls

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back!

Today’s look is centered around these uber-stylish overalls! Have you ever gotten a new outfit and worn it three times, in three different ways, in one week? Well, this is certainly a new favorite of mine, and what makes it even more special is…. I MADE THEM!!! Yes, these overalls were handmade by Allyssa K Blair! So cool! Let’s get into this look!

So how did this come about? One day I was in Joann (my second home) and there was a sale on patterns for one dollar! After I picked out all the patterns I needed, I decided to treat myself to a few extra. Once I saw MimiG by Simplicity, I bought EVERY SINGLE ONE! It sat in my stash for about a month, until another trip to Joann led me to this amazing (AFFORDABLE) fabric that I just had to use. Then, I remembered these overalls! So a few moments at the sewing machine and BAM!!!

This olive green color is so rich that nothing would look better than a denim top.
Absolutely perfect together.


Earrings – From my local hair store, these HUGE, gold earrings were perfect. They’re always perfect. Eye catching, but did not take away from the outfit.

Hat – I found this 3 toned beauty in the clearance section at Charming Charlie. I’ve had it for a while, but was waiting for the right moment to bring it out.

Shoes – These are a regular of mine that I bought from a local boutique. You could imagine my happiness when I realized they matched my hat!

Shades – My specs are also from Charming Charlie, I got 2 pairs for $15.00!

Try making & wearing something of your own! The feeling is unexplainable.

Thanks again for joining me! It means a lot.

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


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