Current Favorites

Hello fabulous people!  Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle! It has almost been two months, but I’m back and I’ve come with goodies! Here are just a few of my current favorites. Let get into this!!




If you know me, you know I LOVE a statement piece. It starts conversations and sometimes ends with clients! Rocking a statement piece also challenges my creativity. Bringing an outfit into existence around one item isn’t always easy, but definitely allows a feeling of accomplishment in the end. Its like a sporting event! Can you tell what drew me to this particular piece? The color! It is so rich and vibrant. And the gold hardware adds the perfect pop! The versatility is dream because it can be worn during any season. And the tassels are what brings movement and fun. I grabbed this necklace from H&M for around $20.00.



Austin is the name of these earrings. A design name given by the store Charming Charlie. But I call them whimsical balls. Not because they are whimsical, but because I bought them on a whim! And I got a discount! I didn’t fall in love with these earrings in the store, but we connected many weeks after. The black and white design gave me ideas hat have yet to come to fruition, but they will! One day! The earrings were $10.00.


Gold, gold, gold! Can you believe I found gold nail polish?? Well, gold polish isn’t uncanny, but this one is! Usually gold nail polish is too gold (cheap), not gold enough (old), has glitter (immature) or just ugly! But this one is the perfect golden nude. Its a great accent to any outfit. I picked this beauty up at Walgreens for around $10.00.


Last, but not least, this facial mask. I’m not frequently a ‘mask’ girl, but it was a gift. It smooths the skin, leaving it healthy and supple. No rinse needed! Now the thing about it is…. I haven’t tried it yet, BUT I did try one exactly like it (a different brand) and I loved it. The only difference is this one also reduces UV damage. And ya’ll know I love the sun! I might do a video on it!


Thanks again for joining me! See you next time!

Love & peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


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