A Blissful Sunday

Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle!

Today we’re talking about money color! What exactly is it? Money color is a term I like to use to define the hue that best extenuates your natural hair color, eye color, but mostly skin color. For example, your favorite color may be red, but your money color is purple! Thankfully, the selection goes beyond primary and secondary colors. There are at least 30 shades of blue!

So, how can I determine my money color? Well, I suggest trying on A LOT of dresses, both flowy and fitted. Consider your undertone. This can be done by looking at the vein color near your wrist. They are either warm, cool, or olive. Make sure you have excellent lighting because some colors can be deceiving. Also, ask a friend to tag along for a second opinion.

Now, let’s get into this look! My favorite color is gold, but my money color is….. GREEN!!!



20170702_134735ertyuifgh vb.jpg


Pairing the same color with different hues, a monochromatic look, always gives the appearance of simplicity, class, and effortless style. It also slims and elongates the body.


20170702_134621sdfghj.jpg 20170702_134738dfr.jpg

In order not to disturb the tone of the ensemble, I paired it with a nude, open-toe, lace-up, heel. Wearing a pop of color would look great as well, but the nude shoe acts as a blank canvas draws the eye to the outfit. It also gives the allusion that my legs never end!




I usually always accessorize with gold. My two rings, simple adjustable bracelet, and oval drop earrings. I chose this clutch/cross-body bag to go along with the green theme.

Style Tip: Find your money color and wear it when you don’t fell so good. At least you’ll look great!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Love & Peace

Allyssa K. Blair






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