Lemon Lime Summer Time

Hello fabulous people! welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle!

One day I was sitting at home watching television and I saw a commercial with bright colors, I believe it was for Fanta Soda. And I thought to myself, those colors would look AMAZING together as an outfit, so I made it happen!

This bright yellow crop top with an open back was actually a mistake! It was a dress pattern by Cynthia Rowley, but the bottom of dress was hideous. So, making the top without the skirt was truly trial and error. Finally, I gave up and settled on this and I LOVE IT!! Its perfect for hot summer days and allows for a flowing breeze. Now, this top shows A LOT of skin and the ONLY way I recommend wearing this is being completely covered on the bottom. If not, you will quickly go from lady, to lady of the night. Also, I opted not to wear a bra with this look, but if you are not comfortable with that, a bandeau in a coordinating color would be just fine!

I chose to cover my bottom half with loose fitting, high waist pants.  This style of pant is perfect because the top is a mid-drift, so a high waist pant will cover more of the stomach area than regular waist or on the hip pants would. Also, the material is thin, so I doubled the amount of yardage to thicken it up a bit.


Clutch: Charming Charlie

Shades: Charming Charlie

Wedges: Step In

Earrings: Charming Charlie

Rings: Gift

STYLE TIP:  When showing skin on the top, cover the bottom. When showing skin on the bottom, cover the top!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


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