Sunday Stripes & Bows

Hello fabulous people! SO Glad that you all came back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle!

This was a spontaneous outfit! Nowadays, I have to work almost everyday, it seems. So, I miss church quite often, but this Sunday I was going to be there! Naturally, I wanted to look nice and do something special, like make something, but I didn’t have time. So, Saturday after work, I went to H&M and found nothing, but as I was walking out a unique item caught my eye. It was weird because I never look in that section, EVER! Its the trendy section that usually has a lot of inauthentic knockoffs, odd sayings and pictures and crazy prints. But GLORY TO GOD this was waiting on me! Let’s get into this look!


20170924_133300.jpgToday’s look is kind of bittersweet! As you all know, I make my own clothes, but unfortunately, I did not make this top. Could I have? Yes. Did I need a pattern? No. More sad than that is that fact that I wanted to make this shirt about 2 months ago, but was caught up in other orders I had to fill. Now, can I still make it? Yes, but I doubt its going to happen any time soon. Nonetheless, I still look nice lol

I think its pretty obvious why I bought this top! I mean, how gorgeous?! and a bow, too?? Its so extra and so me!




I chose to pair this elaborate top with the most simple bottom, a black skirt. Black acts as a background to the pop of red on top. The fact that it is a pencil skirt elongates my body and shapes it well. Also, since my blouse is loose, my skirt can be fitted. Loose on the top and fitted on the bottom is a staple in my closet! Tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.


This red Dooney & Burke Zip Zip Satchel from the Saffiano Collection was a birthday gift to myself. It is a wonderful fall transition piece. These black, Shoe Dazzle heels are a sophisticated staple in my closet as well. These fun earrings are the black, 4-layer austin earrings from Charming Charlie and the shades are from there as well.

Style Tip: Try a simple outfit with ONE fun or whimsical accessory!

Thanks again for visiting my blog you guys!

Love & peace to all God’s people,

Allyssa K. Blair


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