All Wrapped Up!

Hello fabulous people! Welcome back to Allyssa K. Lifestyle!

Today’s look is quite unique! Hopefully, once you find out why, you will be inspired to try something just as unconventional! Well, why wait any longer? The uniqueness of the outfit lies within the skirt. Do you like what you see? Well, it isn’t a skirt, it’s a scarf!! YES, a scarf!! A tie around your head, drape over your shoulders, wrap around your neck scarf!!! I’m just the person to use a cold weather item as an article of clothing! Let’s get into this look ya’ll!!

You all, I am SO into this look, but in all honesty this is a re-do. I wore this once before and people’s opinions were through the roof!!! I mean, it was either “This is SO beautiful!! You belong in the cover of a magazine!” or “Is that a scarf? Why is it around your waist? Did you run out of clothes?” lol Anyway, I loved it, so why not take it for another spin?

The details in the scarf, that belongs to my mother, are what actually drew me to it. The medium blue color reminded me of denim, so obviously I chose the coordinating top. The tiny tassels are also a fun element and that allowed me to accessorize with gold! Speaking of gold, if you look closely, you can see that the opposite side of the scarf is gold!! Surprisingly, it is all being held together by ONE pin! But the scarf flows in such a way that it looks like at wrap skirt!

Shoes – Step In

Wristlet – A VERY special gift

Sunglasses – Charming Charlie

Earrings – Charming Charlie

Style Tip: With the slow arrival of fall, try using your colorful scarves in other ways!

Thanks again for joining me you all!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair

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