Black on black on black!

Hello everyone! I pray all is well and I am super excited that you all joined me today!


Today’s look is from a few weeks ago, but I loved it wanted to share with you! One would think that such a beloved ensemble would be hard to put together or eclectic, but it’s the exact opposite! All black! Let’s get into this look, shall we?


20171217_140650ygvbhyfvhygvgvLately I’ve been on this ‘black’ phase. Whether its all black or just a black top, the color black is somewhere on my body. The main reason is for work, but also its such a chic and classic color, you can never have too much black!! So, this particular look wasn’t even planned. I actually had a black buffalo check wrap covering my shoulders(it was the star of the show). I had already decided to take photos, but once I got home I just wasn’t feeling the wrap anymore. So. I took it off and began shooting. Looking back at the results I was AMAZED! So beautiful, so chill, so chic, so effortless. 


Do you know anyone who has so many clothes that they don’t remember where they got them from? Well, when it comes to black, that’s me lol I want to say this top is from forever 21 because I have it in white as well, and that store is known for having basics in every color. Sure, we’ll go with that! The skirt is a thrifted gift from my fabulous mother. I believe the two pieces go well together because they are made of different fabric. The top is a poly-cotton blend and the skirt is leather. Mixing textures is a GREAT way to combine simplicity with edge! If you already noticed, my shoes are satin! Oh, These shoes!!!


The life of the party and the star of the night will always be a great shoe! Mine are an all black, pointed toe, stiletto bootie. Talk about a statement piece! I was looking for an everyday black boot on Shoedazzle, but the satin material was calling my name! These booties are gorgeous and a perfect addition to any outfit!

Now, what’s an all black outfit without any accessories?! Of course gold is the answer, it’s always the answer! I started with the necklace, simple, yet attention grabbing. The earrings and bracelet were a perfect match! Ah…. Gold!

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for joining me today! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair

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