Paris in Georgia

Hello my fabulous people!! Welcome back to my blog! I’m SO excited to have you here with me!

Today’s outfit is Paris inspired and to be quite honest, it was completely unplanned! The key accessory I wanted to wear was the beret and it all blossomed from there. Ya’ll I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this look!!!! With my WHOLE HEART, I promise, I do!! Enough swooning, let’s get into this look!


I had this long, curly hair and before I cut it, I wanted to do some cool with it. So, I thought about hats! This look was centered around the red beret, which is making a comeback in fashion. (Actually, I don’t think it ever left…) Also, I thought about buying a checkered skirt, but then I remembered my lovely Mother bought this skirt for me from a thrift store! (Don’t sleep on Goodwill, ya’ll!!!) Paired with a solid black turtle neck, it was slowly coming together.

Are they socks or is it a boot? lol I got this question A LOT, but the answer is…. BOOTS!!! These are knee high black boots that have amazing stretch. Now, when I saw them online I was a bit nervous because I have smalls legs and knee high boots don’t always flatter them. I am telling you, the elastic in these boots are Heaven sent! They can fit my legs and three times more! The white striped design is cute and would usually give an athletic feel, but they fit PERFECTLY into this look!!

Now for this belt, it played a VERY important role in this ensemble! When I put the shoes on they came up so far that you could no longer see the white stripes around the top of the boots. At the same time the skirt was also a tad too big. So, what did I do? I grabbed a black belt (so it wouldn’t disturb the outfit), pulled my skirt up and folded it into itself until I could see the top of the boot and buckled the belt in place. That’s why it looks a little pudgy, but its alright. BOOM! Perfection!


Handbag – Dooney & Bourke

Beret – Amazon Fashion

Earrings, shades & gold Georgia necklace – Charming Charlie

Boots – Shoedazzle

Belt – Old purchase (do you remember the dresses that came with belts, but you never actually wore the belts? lol Yeah, I outgrew the dresses and kept the belts!)

Style Tip – Try researching styles from different countries and incorporate it into your wardrobe!

Thanks again for joining me you guys! I love style blogging! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair

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