Shades of Pink

Good Morning fabulous people!!! Happy Wednesday!! I pray all is well with you!! Today’s outfit is a bit of a throwback, but I definitely had to share it with you all! NO time to waist! Let’s get into this look, ya’ll!!!


Can you say summer fun?? All pink everything!!! If you know me, you knooooow I am NOT a lover of all things pink, but for some reason I am in love with this ensemble! I was invited to be a hostess at an event and we had to wear pink. I didn’t have a pink dress or two piece ensemble, so I threw this together and something incredible happened!

If I had to choose one word to describe this monochromatic (wearing the same color) look it would be BOLD. A pink top, pink bottom and pink shoes can be A LOT. The key to making it work is choosing the right hues. If you can see, the shades of pink go from light, to medium, to hot/medium.


This top is amazing! Made with 100% cotton fabric, its the most comfortable blouse I’ve ever worn!

This was my first time making a bell sleeve AND I FELL IN LOVE!!!! Also, bell sleeves are a great option for women with long arms!

A hot pink pencil skirt should be a staple in every woman’s closet, I’m just saying. So many looks can be created with it! Any-who, I know you’re probably thinking “Did she make the skirt, too?” Uh, no lol I didn’t. Zippers were hard for me at that moment, so I went to old faithful! I’ve had this skirt since high school and its always been good to me!


Hot pink, five inches, pointed toe, satin finish, patent stiletto, ball and heel insoles, God is so good. Honestly, when I first saw this shoe I thought it would be a great pop of color to any outfit and never went beyond that. I spent a good three days searching for a flesh toned heel and couldn’t find one! Wearing this shoe was a LAST RESORT lol I had no idea it would turn out to be show stopping! Take chances you guys!



This outfit is a lot on its own, so I kept the jewelry simple. Pearls, of course!

These rainbow, reflective sun glasses add a little color and also protect you from the shade of those who think you’re doing too much lol


Homework – Try a monochromatic look! Head to toe! Start with something simple like blues, greens or browns. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move to reds, pinks and yellows!

Thanks again for joining me! I’ll be back soon!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


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