A BIG Red Bow!

Hello fabulous people! It’s been a minute, bu welcome back! Today, I have a DIY (Do It Yourself) for you guys!! Let’s get straight into it!

So, I had an event to go to last month where the attire was black (sometimes black and white, but usually all black). Ya’ll know I live in the south, right? It’s HOT! lol Even though I enjoy the simple elegance of an all black ensemble, I just didn’t feel like it! So, with those factors in mind, I had to get creative. I decided to make a black, sleeveless,  baby-doll dress with a red bow for a pop of color!!!


The BIG Red Bow!



  • The earrings are drop down pearls that hang from the largest size to the smallest size with gold hardware. – AMAZON
  • The bracelets are 4 multi-sized pearls that can be stacked any way you want! – CHARMING CHARLIE
  • The sunglasses are black, over-sized and rounded to a point. – CHARMING CHARLIE
  • The fishnets are black with a lace &floral design. – AMAZON
  • The shoes are all black with a faux leather design. – SHOEDAZZLE
  • The bag is a red hot color. – DOONEY & BOURKE

When is the next time you have to wear a certain color for an event? Try adding a pop of red for a little extra BANG in your look!

Thanks for joining me once again!!!

Love & Peace,

Allyssa K. Blair


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